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StreamHorizon Overview

StreamHorizon C-Level roles overview (PDF)
High Level Overview of StreamHorizon Platform, Benefits & Cost Effectiveness analysis for Executives & C-Level roles

StreamHorizon overview (PDF)
Detailed Overview of StreamHorizon platform. Document covers:

  • Defines Target Project Profiles for StreamHrizon Platform
  • Offers detailed Cost Effectiveness Analysis
  • Gives High level Architecture insight
  • Lists most commonly used Deployment Topologies

StreamHorizon and Big Data overview (PDF)
Overview of abilities of StreamHorizon Platform within Big Data domain (Hadoop Ecosystem, HDFS and other).
Document presents Big Data specific deployment strategies, integration patterns and design approach, thinking and topologies.

StreamHorizon Developer Documentation

StreamHorizon in a nutshell (PDF)
Single chapter guide for developer/architect audience which presents in detail StreamHorizon platform, its processing ability and configurability by using examples available in StreamHorizon demo project.

Test demo deployment guide (PDF)
Offers detailed insight into detailed steps required to setup and test-run StreamHorizon demo data warehouse

StreamHorizon Demo Download

Try out the latest (3.3.5) version of StreamHorizon Data Processing Platform. Demo includes complete Data Warehouse Project of a retail website (e.g. Amazon), full ETL logic (XML configuration) and data feeds (files). To run the demo you would require database server. Demo comes with simple create database script and file feeds. All you need to do is to configure JDBC connection to your database server, setup desirable number of processing threads and start StreamHorizon. Demo application is available for Oracle, MSSQL and MySQL databases.

For the most enthusiastic developers we also provide Docker image for testing StreamHorizon with MySQL database.